This is how the world is dying! | How the world will die in 2020

The world is on the verge of being completely dead, according to new forecasts from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The organization predicts the world population will decline by 8% over the next two decades, with half of the population dying before the end of the century.

The worst-case scenario is that the population could decline by up to two thirds in the coming century.

“This will have catastrophic consequences for the planet,” WHO spokesman Philip Stobart told reporters on Wednesday.

“If we don’t take the right actions now, there will be a population explosion in 2035 and beyond.”

“We cannot keep our eyes on the prize,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in a statement on Wednesday, warning that “global population growth is accelerating and it will continue to accelerate.”

“It is imperative that we all take action to protect the world’s natural resources and protect the health of the millions of people we depend on to feed our people.”

The worst case scenario for the world over the coming decade is that half of all people will be dead by 2050, the report said.

The new projections are likely to be a boost to a Trump administration push for increased investment in renewable energy and for new technology to be used to combat climate change, such as biofuels and carbon capture and storage.

Trump’s transition team has said it will seek a $1 trillion boost to infrastructure and other infrastructure projects, with Trump himself expected to take on more responsibility for climate change.

The World Bank, the UN and the European Union have also been pushing for the use of renewable energy.

A group of top US climate scientists on Wednesday called for more investment in fossil fuels.

“We have no choice but to shift our attention to the sources of carbon dioxide emissions, and we are going to have to change the energy mix in the US,” Robert H. Stern, who served as US ambassador to the UN under Barack Obama, told the BBC.

“You can’t get carbon out of the atmosphere by burning coal.”

Climate change experts said that the UN’s projections of an expected increase in deaths due to the world in 20 years were “exaggerated”.

“It’s not the death toll that we’re talking about, it’s the number of people that are not going to be able to survive the worst of the impacts,” said James Hansen, an expert at Columbia University.

“The number is really not that different from a doubling of global temperatures.

It’s a very low estimate, and it’s very, very uncertain.”

“We should be worried that a world with just one planet would have an enormous effect on people and the world,” said Daniel Kallman, a climate scientist at the University of Texas, who was not involved in the study.

“A doubling of CO2 would have a dramatic impact on the world.

We should be concerned that we have a future with a lot of people dying from CO2 poisoning.”

This is the second report by the World Bank that has warned of the effects of climate change and the impacts of extreme weather events.

The first report in 2017 warned that an increase in extreme weather would increase the risk of global famine and disease.

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