Trump is pushing the ‘biggest pipe ever’

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he plans to spend $3 billion on pipe fences, pipes and other “biggest pipes ever.”

“I’m going to spend a lot of money on pipe fencing,” Trump said during a news conference with business leaders in the White House.

“The pipe is the key to the whole thing.

I have a pipe that’s going to be 10 feet long.

The other thing I’m going be using is a little piece of glass that’s called a pipe faucet.

It’s a very, very simple thing.

So the pipes are the key.

It is going to save lives, it is going the right way, and I’m very,very proud of it.””

And, it’s also going to work great in terms of controlling emissions,” Trump continued.

“It’s going up, it keeps the pollution out.

And we’re going to keep the water cool.”

Trump also discussed a number of other controversial issues, including the threat of terrorism and the role of women in society.

“I think we have a very important national security,” he said.

“And we’re all in this together.

We have to be.

We need to be stronger.

We’re a country that’s been weakened for a long time.

We’ve lost our way.”

Trump’s comments came as he toured the Capitol in Washington, D.C., and a number other U.S. government buildings.

He said the government must protect Americans from terrorism, and he pledged to “bring back jobs.”

Trump was speaking on the first day of a four-day, five-state tour that includes stops in South Carolina, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia.

“We’re going back to our jobs,” he declared.

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