When licorices get to the bottom of your addiction

In October 2015, a group of academics and researchers published an article in the journal Nature that described the effects of a new, highly potent form of licoricing.

Called a kratom extract, the kratom itself, or kratom-infused powder, contains about 80% the chemical kratom and is used for pain relief, relaxation and to relieve anxiety and stress.

While the kalamatai has been used as a tea for centuries, the research team found that kratom is now available for recreational use.

The study found that recreational kratom use can cause symptoms ranging from anxiety to hallucinations.

“There is a clear and growing body of evidence linking kratom to negative effects on human health and well-being,” the researchers wrote in the article.

In the study, which was based on data from two years of data collected in Indonesia, the researchers found that, over a 10-month period, kratom users were significantly more likely to report anxiety, insomnia, anxiety and depression than the general population, and that those who were taking kratom were more likely than non-users to suffer from depression.

“We are now seeing evidence of adverse effects on cognition, mental health and quality of life associated with kratom,” the team wrote.

The researchers concluded that there was a strong correlation between the number of kratom extracts in users’ daily intake and their subsequent likelihood of experiencing the symptoms listed above.

The report was the first to look at kratom’s potential for addiction.

But it wasn’t the only study to point to kratom as an addictive substance.

In 2014, researchers from the University of Washington found that people who used kratom frequently were more susceptible to drug and alcohol use.

Researchers compared people who had consumed kratom in the past and people who did not, and found that those people who took kratom regularly were more prone to substance use and drug abuse than those who had not.

A 2016 study found a correlation between kratom consumption and increased use of alcohol and illicit drugs in young adults.

And in a 2016 study, researchers found a relationship between kampung, a tea made from kratom leaves, and increased alcohol and drug use.

While kratom does not appear to be a “gateway drug” for drug use, it does have its share of negative effects, too.

“Kratom has been implicated in the development of dependence and dependence-related behaviors and has been associated with addiction, which is problematic because it can increase dependence risk,” the authors wrote.

Kratom is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia.

It has a mild stimulant effect and is commonly used as an appetite stimulant, a painkiller and an appetite suppressant.

It can also be used for its anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties, and its leaves can be used to make tea.

It’s often sold in powdered form or in capsules.

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