When your home is on fire, you don’t have to leave your house

On March 20, 2018, a house fire in North Carolina killed 11 people and destroyed over 100 homes.

The cause of the fire remains unknown.

When it happened, residents were still in their homes.

As the heat rose and the wind picked up, people rushed to the door and took their pets out of the house.

As you can see in the video above, this is how it looked before the blaze.

But as the smoke began to clear, it became clear that people were not moving.

This is how the fire spread, and how the people trapped in the home were unable to escape.

It was an extremely slow fire, and people had to be careful not to leave their belongings in the house, which is not a good thing.

People were trying to get out and make it to the hospital, but were not able to because of the smoke.

Luckily, no one was injured.

This fire destroyed over 40 homes, but fortunately, only one person died in the fire.

This video of the aftermath shows how quickly things could go wrong.

This was a fire that lasted less than a minute.

There were no sprinklers or any other emergency equipment in the area, which made it very difficult for firefighters to get to the scene.

When the fire was extinguished, firefighters discovered that the house was already completely engulfed.

The house was in flames and it was already too late to save anyone inside.

This happened at the intersection of North Avenue and Main Street in Raleigh.

The fire broke out in a house in the 2400 block of North Ave.

The area was quiet, but the smoke was already getting to residents.

The firefighters arrived at the scene and had to evacuate a woman and her daughter.

She was able to escape to a neighbor’s home and was treated and released.

However, she was unable to get home due to the smoke, so her neighbors were left without a place to stay.

People in the neighborhood were unable as well.

The North Avenue Street was lined with police tape and many residents were not allowed to leave.

Police were using heavy machinery to move residents out of their homes and into cars.

The street was cordoned off by police, and residents were told to leave the area.

Many residents did not want to leave and many people were afraid of the police and the fire department.

People continued to live in the apartment buildings, and it looked like it was going to take some time for them to find a place.

This house was not the only one that had caught fire, but it was the only apartment building that caught fire.

It took about four hours to put out the blaze, but only about 15 people were trapped inside.

There was no one to help the people who were trapped, so the people living in the buildings had to stay inside.

The Fire Chief was on the scene, but unfortunately, it was not possible to save the residents who were in the burning buildings.

Many of the residents that had been displaced had to leave because they could not get to safety.

Some residents had to find alternative means of getting to safety, like sleeping in cars.

It is estimated that around 20,000 people were displaced by the fire and were left homeless.

The number of residents that were saved was only a small fraction of the total number of people who lost their homes due to this fire.

The total cost of the wildfire is estimated at $2.5 million.

In the end, more than 4,000 homes were damaged and nearly 3,000 were destroyed.

One person was seriously injured, and four people were treated for smoke inhalation.

This incident is the first of its kind in the United States, and is still considered to be a historic event.

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