Why you should ditch the iron skillet as your go-to tool

Iron skillet is still king.

Inexpensive, durable and a handy tool for everything from baking to cooking.

But the best part about it?

It’s a versatile tool that can be used to cut food from almost any dish imaginable.

Here are the five best iron skillet hacks you can use.


Make the chicken wings Easy chicken wings are an incredibly versatile dish.

There are so many variations you can make from just about anything.

But here are five easy and tasty ways to make them in a skillet.


Make an omelet In this classic recipe, the turkey breast is topped with onions, ham and a generous amount of chicken stock.


Make pasta in a pan A bowl full of pasta is a simple, easy dish.

But if you want to make it more complicated, you can put together an eggplant or zucchini filling.


Make a lasagna or pizza This is one of the easiest recipes you can do in a single skillet.

Start with a pasta dish and then add meatballs, veggies, cheese, tomato sauce, mushrooms and pasta.


Make lasagna sauce In this quick and easy recipe, you’ll get the basics down, but you can get the flavors and aromas you’re after.


Make rice or pasta This is another great easy recipe for a quick lunch.

Start by adding some rice to the skillet, add some veggies and chicken stock, then add the pasta.


Make chicken soup In this delicious and easy dish, you get the basic ingredients, but a delicious sauce that will go well with almost anything.


Make fish and chipotle peppers Make this easy fish and chips recipe in just a few minutes.

First, cook your fish, and then heat up the chips in a slow cooker.


Make soup with rice, beans and potatoes In this easy, but flavorful recipe, put the rice, veggies and fish in a pot, and heat up. 10.

Make scrambled eggs in a rice cooker This recipe for eggs in rice cooker is great for anyone who wants to make scrambled eggs.


Make corn bread in a microwave The easiest way to make corn bread is to just microwave it.

You’ll need just one cup of cornmeal and two cups of water.


Make pizza dough in a cast iron skillet The easiest and most versatile way to prepare pizza is to simply add the ingredients to a skillet and cook until it’s cooked through.


Make egg salad with bacon, tomatoes and peppers If you’ve got a lot of leftover chicken, try this easy and delicious recipe for egg salad in a frying pan.


Make spaghetti sauce in a crockpot When you need a pasta sauce, you just need a few ingredients.

You just need pasta, tomato, basil, oregano and olive oil.


Make ice cream in a can of ice cream If you want something a little more indulgent than ice cream, this easy recipe will give you a recipe for homemade ice cream.


Make homemade bread in your own kitchen You can make your own bread, but this easy bread recipe is a great way to take the effort out of making it yourself.


Make your own tomato sauce This tomato sauce is great when you want a little flavor but still want a sauce to put on top.


Make salad dressing in your favorite blender This is the easiest way you can add vinegar and lemon juice to a tomato sauce and it’ll taste delicious.


Make grilled cheese sandwich sandwiches With grilled cheese, you don’t need a grill.

Just whip up a simple sandwich in a simple skillet.


Make pesto in a bowl of water You can use a pesto that you can buy at a store, or make your very own.

This simple pesto recipe will take only a few seconds to make.


Make vegetable soup in a blender A simple vegetable soup recipe is great if you’re having a slow day and you’re looking for something that will last you a while.


Make baked potatoes in a baking dish It’s important to use a good quality, organic baking dish when you make baked potatoes.

In this simple recipe, use your favorite potatoes, but it’s easy to make any vegetable that you like.


Make ham sandwiches in a soup pot If you have leftover ham, this recipe will make a hearty sandwich.


Make roasted potatoes in your stovetop oven You can roast potatoes in the microwave, or bake them to your liking.


Make tofu sandwiches in your oven These simple and flavorful tofu sandwiches are the perfect meal for a busy day.


Make sausage or fish tacos in a pressure cooker You can get your favorite sausage or steak in a quick and convenient pressure cooker.


Make steak tartare in a nonstick skillet The best part is you can grill it in your skillet.


Make fried eggplant salad in your microwave If you’re craving something light and healthy, make this easy fried

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